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Learn the Batik Process in Batik Museum of Yogyakarta

Picture taken from: http://newyorkyakarta.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Museum-Batik-Yogyakarta.jpg

Museum is a permanent non-profit institution that is open and has a purpose to serve the needs of the public about the collecting business, conservation, researching, communicating, and exhibit tangible objects to the public for a study, educational, and fun. That definition given by International Council of Museums (ICOM) to the museum. Thus, museums can be used as study materials among the academic, reference and documentation of a particular community distinctiveness, or documentation and thinking. To conserve storage idea is a sign of civilization, then since 1977, each May 18, celebrated as the International Museum Day.

In Yogyakarta, the museum presents a variety of local cultural heritage. One of the museum which is characteristic of Yogyakarta Batik Museum. Batik with various motives from time to time you can find in here. Not only that, it turns out, this museum also preserve one of the management of cultural arts traditions of dress, including clothing management model Ngayogyakarta kingdom.

Yogyakarta Batik Museum is located at Jalan D. No. Sutomo. 13 A Yogyakarta has about a thousand groups of motifs from the entire collection of Java. From that collection, we could see the batik produced around 1700 until 1950. Not only the production of batik cloth, this museum also keeps the equipment used for batik by the ancestors. As mentioned before, the museum is not only collecting batik of Yogyakarta, but also typical Lasem batik, Indramayu, Madura, Solo, Wonogiri, Bayat, and Pekalongan.

Like other museums, Yogyakarta Batik Museum was originally founded by Hadi Family Nugraha has a favorite collection of well-known, especially by those who've been there. Favorite fabric collection is a long length Ergan Soga, Isen, Isen Antiques Gloves (1880-1890), Long Gloves Java Soga (1920-1930), length of cloth Java Soga (1950-1960), and fabrics Long Yellow Soga (1960-1970 ).

If you're interested in learning batik this cultural heritage, Yogyakarta Batik Museum also offers the learning batik. program This attractive offer made in accordance with the needs, can be per hour or per package for five meetings. By paying the appropriate fees provided tariff Yogyakarta Batik Museum, you will get the equipment in the form of canting (the tool used to make batik), cloth, and malam (the material to write the motive on batik).

As an institution, Yogyakarta Batik Museum to give time to the visitor to enjoy the beautiful batik collections from various areas on weekdays, Monday to Saturday starting at 09.00 am until 15.00 pm. If you come to Yogyakarta, it's less than perfect if not visiting Yogyakarta Batik Museum. Because of that, if you want to visit this place, come on join our MY ISS program (Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta International Summer School)..

Translated from: http://newyorkyakarta.net/belajar-membatik-di-museum-batik-yogyakarta