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About Yogyakarta

One of the Kraton Yogyakarta Building in the Sultan Palace [click the picture to expand]

If you are looking for good and amazing places for travelling, you might choose Paris in France or Venice in Italy. But if you want to get a whole package of great travelling sites, high quality of education, peaceful atmosphere for living, and a rich culture and traditional custom, Yogyakarta in Indonesia will be your best choice.

Yogyakarta is a special region of Indonesia lead by a king named Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX. There is a volcano called Merapi in its northest side and a beach called Parangtritis in the southest side which both of them are very famous tourism objects in Indonesia. If you connect the volcano and the sea, it will be in an exact straight line with a monument called Tugu Yogyakarta as the symbol of this city located exactly in the middle.

Yogyakarta has an abundance number of tourism places, both natural and man-made. Yogyakarta has a plenty of bewitching beaches with their clear waters and amazing surrounding scenery which mostly are rocky cliffs. Also, its museums and historical sites become most visited places since Yogyakarta has used to be the capital city of Indonesia and obviously owns the long story about how Yogyakarta was in the colonial period and how it grows so fast to response the global challenge.

Folk festivals and celebrations are often held and they are always be freely enjoyed by all people in various ages and economic level. Yogyakarta is famous of its traditions and customs without forgetting to improve its quality in technology, communication, and education in the first line so it will never be left behind.

Not only having no doubt about its spoiling tourism objects, the visitors can also enjoy the rich taste of Yogyakarta foods, convenience shopping centers, and a glorious night life of the city. The choice of traditional or modern style is in your hand, some places serve both styles at the same time.

Yogyakarta still maintains its predicate as the best education place in Indonesia with a lot of high quality of schools and institutions. Most of them are now international based, using both Indonesian and English as teaching languages, and also an advanced technology to support the quality of both teaching and learning.

In decades, Yogyakarta is the number one destination to aim the education for most Indonesian students and also foreigners as well. In addition, Yogyakarta's art and cultures are also worth learn for reaching a complete satisfaction in order to become the member of the world. Yogyakarta keeps improving its quality and quantity in order to channel the youth passion depends on their interests.

Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta International Summer School (MY ISS) is a new innovation and choice which is definitely going to be a perfect hand for you to achieve the best experience of both in formal way such as learning processes and informal way such as enriching yourself with a luxurious cultures and traditions and also experiencing unforgettable vacation moments in your life.

by: Rizkya Ratri Winaswari
Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta student, Departement of International Relations